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Established in 2002, Carnival Studio is a boutique graphic design company specialising in emotive and engaging visual storytelling, with a focus on key art, branding and immersive marketing campaigns for film, television, home entertainment and not for profit clients. We work on all scales, from Hollywood blockbusters through to modest documentaries and grass roots fundraising campaigns and are passionate about building a strong and unique voice for each project.

Selected Work

Ladies in Black

Print / Key Art

Sweet Country

Print / Key Art / Digital / More

Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age

Digital / Motion


Print / Key Art

Black Divas

Print / Key Art / Motion

Jurassic Lounge

Print / Key Art


We are a troupe of Carnies with in-depth experience working within agencies, in-house and client-side for high profile entertainment and not-for-profit clients. We work with select companies and tailor our approach to the creative requirements of each, from developing original creative strategy and production to international campaign management - across print, digital, motion, and animation. Our creative team is bolstered by in-house project management which ensures strong communication with clients, and importantly fosters direct relationships between the client and designer.

Carnival Studio provides creative solutions to clients from leading film studios and not-for-profit through independent producers and directors and is singularly passionate about building strong and unique communications. We love storytelling and are dedicated to maintaining long-term clients' creative standards as well as cultivating new audiences.

Put simply - we are creative problem solvers.

Core creative focus:

  • Key art development for Australian and international tv and film
  • Print and digital advertising campaigns for Australian and international tv and film (brochures, press, online, outdoor digital and print collateral)
  • Strategy and design of fundraising campaign appeals and collateral (print and digital executions)
  • Social media strategy and content (static and animated)
  • Motion design (motion posters, animated event presentations and title sequences)
  • Brand and identity design (logo, strategy and implementation)

Services and creative offerings:

  • Creative direction (concept, art direction and strategy)
  • Brochure, book and programme design (film festivals, reports and book cover artwork)
  • Video editing (social media, digital and television advertising)
  • 3D modelling (for print, title design and motion tracking)
  • Web development (user interface design, front-end design, eDMs and online solutions)
  • High-end retouching, finishing and colour correction
  • Illustration and hand crafted typography
  • Copywriting for key art, social media and not-for-profit appeal lifts

carnie folk

Jeremy Hopkins

Creative Director

Cath Wadling

Studio Manager

Ana May

Senior Designer

Cass Chapman

Digital & Motion Graphics Designer

Nick Sullivan

Digital & Motion Graphics Designer

Georgie Sweeney

Senior Designer