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Crazy Fun Park

ClientWerner Film Production ProjectKey Art


Having worked with Werner Film Productions recently on the key art for Netflix series Surviving Summer, Carnival we were thrilled to collaborate again on the macabre teen series Crazy Fun Park. Created by Joanne Werner and Nicholas Verso, Crazy Fun Park is a bold and dark series set within the grounds of an abandoned fun park that is inhabited by teenage victims who can never leave.

Working with a supplied gallery shoot from the incredible entertainment photographer Ben King, and limited plates of the cat-face fun park entrance, we set about building an enhanced world that pushed the bounds of reality and created an intense statement. The creative process saw the development of the foreground environment using stock images in order to create the correct perspectives and depth. Given that super-wide clean plates of the environment were not available, and the strong light emanating from the entrance would pose challenges for relighting fine grass, we embarked on a full CGI environment build. Working with the 3D assets from production for the rollercoaster and ferris wheel, we also created a full foreground scene replete with CG trees, grass and natural elements – allowing us to create realistic talent shadows using stand-in 3D models to cast real shadows. Additionally, the neon title treatment and signage framing was built from flat line art logo assets supplied.

Creative retouching, compositing of photographic/CG elements and grading were applied for the finished key art – a result that was made possible by a team of incredible creatives in our team

Art Direction/Design: Demi HopkinsComposting: Nick SullivanRetouching: Andy D’CruzeCGI: Mike JamesPhotography: Ben King, Ben Saunders

Crazy Fun Park will air January 2023 in ABC TV (Australia)

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