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A Place To Call Home

ClientFoxtel ProjectKey Art
A Place To Call Home final portrait artwork
Season 4 - Ensemble pay off key art

In 2016, Carnival were invited to develop key art concepts and creative production for the much loved Australian period drama A PLACE TO CALL HOME.

Through our research and ideation process, we arrived on a single-minded proposition we titled ‘A Season of Change’ which is a condensation of the series short logline: more of what you know but Season 4 promises lots of exciting changes and shifts in character dynamics.

We explored three unique directions which all feature a large ensemble cast, and sought to develop far more interaction between characters in the key art than previous seasons’ marketing. This was achieved by developing strategic ideas which translated into scenes to be captured during promo photography – as opposed to trying to build a narrative from generic gallery stills where actors have no specific action or direction.

The following is the winning creative concept as pitched to the marketing team at Foxtel, and included written concept outline, layout scamps and tonal references.

‘A Season of Change’

CONCEPT OUTLINEThis concept could also utilise the sweeping outdoor landscape with the house and tree bookending the background, but with much more attention to the visual imagery of autumn and outdoor atmospherics. Standing in the close foreground, George would be the main focus with a determined and thoughtful look with his hands in front of him as he fiddles with his wedding ring. In the mid-ground, standing behind George would be Sarah, Elizabeth and Regina, with Elizabeth sitting in a chair or standing with the assistance of Sarah, whilst Regina stares defiantly at George, boring holes into the back of his head. Elizabeth would be also glaring more subtly at Regina, but lacking the strength of her previous defiance. Sarah could be looking at the viewer or peacefully at George. The interaction between the characters would also be expressed through the body poses of the women, with Regina very stiff and upright, possibly holding her gloved hands together tightly. Elizabeth could begrudgingly be needing support from Sarah, who is more serene and independent.

The use of wind and autumn leaves flying through the air would imbue the scene with a sense of change and uncertainty, whilst also giving a comforting and warm autumnal aesthetic. Dramatic atmospheric elements to build the sense of change – falling leaves, wind blowing hair of characters.

CONCEPT EXECUTIONCarnival engaged the award-winning Sydney arts photographer Daniel Boud, and art directed the campaign during the scheduled network marketing/promo day.

Carnival developed the ensemble pay off creative as well as a series of key art character princes of the three main romantic main couples.With approved key art, we rolled the campaign out to bus shelters, digital outdoor billboards, magazine and press advertising and special event pull-up banners.

This campaign could not have been possible without the support of Graeme Burrells and Connie Lim at Foxtel.

Art Direction / Design: Demi Hopkins
Retouching / Finishing: Mike James
Photography: Daniel Boud

A Place To Call Home triptych concept art
A Place To Call Home wide concept art
A Place To Call Home final character portrait poster
A Place To Call Home final character portrait poster
A Place To Call Home final character portrait poster
A Place To Call Home final portrait poster in situ bus shelter
A Place To Call Home final wide poster in situ billboard
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