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Horror films are always enjoyable to work on, but A24’s Hereditary was particularly so from a campaign creative perspective. Studio Canal developed a clever strategy targeting a discerning horror/arthouse audience which avoided mainstream channels in favour of grassroots platforms including partnerships with Supanova, multi-phased street postering, innovative and targetted outdoor and a brilliantly planned digital takeover of real estate portal

Carnival adapted supplied teaser and pay off creative (from the excellent Gravallis), and created an additional illustrated teaser for long lead street postering. On the whole, the campaign managed to balance broad exposure while retaining its edge and authenticity.

Carnival adapted & localised supplied international key art. Key art credits: Gravallis (left & far right)
Working closely with Studio Canal and AdShel, Carnival developed an innovative execution adapting the pay-off key art using double sided printing which is uncommon and difficult to align registration. During the day without backlighting, the creative would display the family portrait. With night descending and backlighting switched on, the reverse print was illuminated to redact the family and just show Charlie in her creepy splendour. As commuters passed at different times during the winter months, many would view both iterations which elicited surprise and intrigue.

Hereditary drew strong online word of mouth from an engaged arthouse and horror fanbase, and the print campaign took a similar approach with targeted activity including a staggering street poster campaign which began with a cryptic teaser featuring Charlie’s disturbing bird draw which Carnival re-drew based on frames from the film. Drawing closer to release, Charlie was introduced on a 4 sheet street poster, and eventually, the launch street poster adapted the Charlie/mother creative which is clear and engaging for a passing audience.

DOMAIN.COM.AU ONLINE TAKEOVERCapitalising on the themes of the house as an important character in the film, the marketing team at Studio Canal had the inspired idea of targeting specific advertising at the viewership of Using the key art from the film without any reference to the title (or the fact it was a film), Carnival developed a slide show of images designed to look like a real estate ad. Alongside picturesque stills of the house were some well-used real estate cliches, culminating in the surprise horror image of a person on fire in the living room with the caption “Soon-to-be-deceased estate.” The online ad was very well received, reporting increased engagement thanks to the targeted nature of the ad and its placement.

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