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I Am Woman

ClientTransmission Films ProjectKey Art / Campaign

I Am Woman tells the story of international feminist icon Helen Reddy and her anthem of the same name which has inspired women for generations. Carnival was engaged to develop a series of key art concepts based a dual phased campaign, with the Teaser phase being an uplifting and empowering message and then evolving into the Pay Off phase which would take a greater character focus on Tilda Cobham-Hervey’s portrayal of Helen Reddy.

Working with supplied photography shot by Tony Mott and Lisa Tomasetti, our exploration covered many angles including some beautiful recording session scenes but the joy and elegance of Tilda leaning back in mid-performance was a clear stand-out throughout the concept development stage. Extensive compositing to Tony Mott’s source image was undertaken to increase the audience numbers, replaced the stage and spotlight so there was full control on all elements.

The final close-up portrait of Tilda used in the Pay Off creative was sourced from 8k RED footage through cinematographer Dion Beebe and captured Tilda/Helen’s warm and confident personality perfectly. The recording studio background was sourced from new photos taken at Studio 301 in the very studio the recording scenes in the film were shot, allowing us to perfectly match angles and depth of field.

Art Direction / Design: Demi HopkinsRetouching / Finished Art: Mike James3D Title Treatment: Nick Sullivan

Australian teaser poster, later adapted for the Stan. Originals SVOD release.
Carnival designed the Pay Off key art, basing the cropping and pose on the classic ‘I Am Woman’ LP cover. This key art was adopted for the US release.

Prior to COVID-19, I Am Woman had been destined for a wide theatrical release in Australia. Working with Transmission Films, we began developing campaign collateral and promotional materials including a set of pin-on badges released for International Women’s Day 2020, as well as cinema flyers, standees and premiere media walls. The pandemic tragically paused the release and the film’s release was shifted to Stan. originals with a handful of special Q&A screenings in cinemas. The theatrical release for NZ, however, is slated for November 12, 2020.

Campaign Design: Ana May

Carnival created custom badge designs to be given away in celebration of International Women’s Day
Double-sided A5 flyer design for NZ theatrical release
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